Referral Program

SMPLR invites financial professionals, accountants, technical consultants, and others to partner with us. Extend your business services to clients in web3, save time and effort with our state-of-art platform, or simply earn additional income through our referral system.

We provide a public referral tier for anyone interested and a private tier for financial professionals and accounting companies operating in web3. Detailed program rules available here.

For our public referral program, we offer 20% of the revenue generated by referred customers for 12 months. So, for example, if you refer a customer who pays for a 12-month subscription to Unicorn plan, you will earn $500 from that customer instantly.

To apply for the private tier for financial professionals, please send an application to, and we will get in touch with you OR book a call with the sales team.

How to start with referral program

We offer a referral program via Reditus, which provides full transparency in tracking affiliate registrations, their payments, and the accrued referral bonus. To apply for referral program:

  1. Go to the SMPLR referral program page and click "Apply".

  2. Register a Reditus account, confirm the email and login

  1. Setup your profile

  1. Wait until we review and submit your application. Application status in "My partnerships" section will change to Accepted and you will receive a confirmation email.

How to track referrals and rewards.

Now, when account is set up and ready to roll, it's time to bring some referrals onboard.

  1. Go to links section in your Reditus account, copy link and share it in your social networks, blog or send it directly to your potential referrals.

  1. When a referral registers @ SMPLR with your link and completes its user profile, it shows up in Referrals section with converted status.

  1. SMPLR uses Stripe as it's invoicing and payments partner, and Reditus is directly integrated with it. It means that from now on, when a referral pays subscription in SMPLR, this event instantly appears in your account in Commissions section.

  1. According to referral program rules, referrer is eligible to request payout with minimal threshold of $100.

    1. By default payments are made via wire transfer based on an invoice.

    2. If you would like to receive referral commision in crypto, please contact us via email

  2. You are now fully ready to start earning with SMPLR. Reachout to us with any questions via, Discord or book a call with sales team.

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