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What is SMPLR?
SMRPL is a financial analytics, accounting and reporting platform for web3 companies. Platform is designed to provide companies working with crypto with full financial transparency and compliance of digital assets.

Industry problems

Fragmentation: Crypto activities are fragmented across custody providers, wallets, and exchanges. Retrieving accurate transactional data and reconciliation at scale is untenable without accounting automation
Data integrity: If one transaction or a fee value is missing, the entire book of entries will be invalid due to inaccuracies in the cost basis calculation. Accuracy is everything.
Lack of real-time visibility: Whilst focusing on past events, the risk of AR/AP getting out of scope drastically increases. It becomes especially challenging if a company deals with both crypto and fiat assets.

Our solution

SMPLR is a sub-ledger that automatically merges the data from all connected sources, such as crypto wallets, smart contracts, exchanges and fiat accounts (bank and virtual).
Sources: BTC, ETH, Matic, BSC, TRX, Doge, LTC, AVAX, ETC, all stablecoins and tokens (ERC20, TRC10/20, BEP20).
Audited data: All transactions synced via API, mapped to accurate cost basis via Coingecko and Exchangerates, with auditable blockchain trace, organized for accounting and reporting.
Real-time portfolio performance: 100% asset visibility in a single dashboard. Pre-tax P&L, Cash flow, end of day positions in any fiat currency. Unlimited analytics depth.
Automated accounting: In-app budgeting, customized chart of accounts, rule-based transaction reconciliation, and much more to streamline month-ends.
Ready-to-use reporting: Generate income and cash flow statements, balance sheet, end-of-day positions report, realilzed / unrealized gains & losses reports in minutes.
..and much more: Fiat accounts support via .csv import, multi-chain contacts with payments history, transaction notes, and attachments. Available in dark mode ;

The Vision:

We're building a one-stop app for blockchain-native companies to cover all of the day-to-day business processes, including invoicing, payments, accounting, reporting, risk scoring, on/off-ramps, etc.

Current areas of focus:

  • AR / PR, invocing and payments in crypto with seamless integration with accounting and reporting
  • Role-based access